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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Images of the Prophet(s)

The Abrahamic faiths have something against imagery as used in worship. Thou Shalt not make Graven Images was put right into the decalogue about 4 places before murder. SO we should know that this is serious business. By the way, graven means carved. As in statues which were often used as devotional objects, but it is typically taken to mean any image used for religious purposes. Anyway this seems to be extended to all representations. So, Charlton Heston dressed as Moses in a movie? Bad idea.

Chuck, you are holding the dang thing in your hand, at least read it!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I scream for ice cream. (That's what she said)

Antonio Federici Gelatto has released some controversial ads. The london based italian style ice cream makers have generated some briliant PR, by releasing an advertisement campaign which is just offensive enough to get into the news and just interesting enough to get people to want to see it. This is how I first heard of it. And as you can see, I was interested enough to share it with you. memetic infection at it's finest. The other interesting this about the free advertising that I and others are providing is, that even if you are offended you are more aware of the brand. The offense will fade, brand awareness will not.

Below are the images that CNN decided not to reprint, but instead describe. I would question this practice of drawing your attention to something and then denying that thing as a cock tease and bad reporting. But I have noticed that when it comes to religiously offensive imagery that is the standard for news. Remember the whole flurry of stories about cartoonists being attacked for drawing cartoons? No? Well maybe you remember it as being about drawings of the Prophet Mohammad, but never being shown those drawings. In another post I might do that, but for now here are some ads for ice cream.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Primary Elections

Today was the first time I ever voted in a primary election. It was, less exciting than I hoped for. But, if you are not a registered member of either of the major parties I recommend that you become so. You do not have to fully agree with the political positions, you may even disagree with the false dichotomy presented. However, in voting in primaries you get to influence the final choices come November. You get to help select what candidate a party will ultimately field. This could fuel change that you want or prevent change that you don't. Register today, get to vote twice next time. Apologies to non citizens, for wasting your time with this.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The nature of discourse and argument Part 1

The term argument leads a double life. In common usage it means to fight about or to disagree, usually loudly, and sometimes with thrown objects. However in the formal sense of logic it means the discussion or addressing of a topic. Now these should be easily distinguished; I am having an argument with my wife versus the argument is lacking in rigor. But for the sake of ease in reading, I will use argument in the logical sense only and use disagreement or fight for the other while writing this post, and most probably this blog.